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This setup page is unique and cannot be used for two different devices. Verify that the information below is correct for the device you are about to install:


This setup page is unique for . It can be distributed to all users using the link below:
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System requirements and prerequisites for CoDriver Android App.

Setup instructions

Step 1 of 4: Open this page on your Android device

The following steps must be done on the Android device you want to install the app on. If you are not already reading this on the device where the app is to be installed, you can for example:

Open this link on your device: Generating link...
(E-mail/SMS text it to the device, or type it into the device's web browser)

Scan the QR code below with your Android device:

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Step 2 of 4: Download CoDriver App

Requires Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or later.
For older versions, contact our support.
Download CoDriver App

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Step 3 of 4: Install CoDriver App

Tap on the downloaded file in the notification center to install it. The notifications center is opened by swiping down from the top edge of the screen.

If your device does not allow the installation of the file, read how to allow installation from unknown sources.

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Step 4 of 4: Activate your license

When installation is complete, click here to activate your installation:

The button above will start the app. Then follow the instructions in the app to get started!

To start the app again, go to the standard Android app list, and press the CoDriver icon.

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